You came here for a reason: there is a signpost telling you that some kind of change is in order. Transitions can be intimidating and overwhelming. They can also be exhilarating if you have the keys to accelerate the process and cut through the internal red tape.

Sure, you could talk to friends or battle it out on your own. But consulting with Harriet is a better alternative. She will de-mystify, deal with the here and now, and untangle knots. Harriet will guide you to your goal in less time than you could get there on your own.

Harriet’s specialties are professional and personal transitions:

  • Professional — Not satisfied and productive in your work? You owe it to yourself to address this fundamental part of your life. Harriet’s keen guidance will make the crucial difference between the doldrums and self-realization in the workplace. Although Harriet has worked effectively with all age groups, she is especially adept with the Gen X and Boomers who are either addressing their real career needs for the first time, or contemplating a change that may seem daunting. She specializes in fresh starts.
  • Personal — Relationships are at the heart of our happiness. They are also at the core of our misery. Relationships are endlessly complex. You change. The people in your life change. Circumstances change. Whatever the issue, Harriet will guide you through troubled waters to a more gratifying and peaceful place with the important people in your life.
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If you would like to speak with Dr. Harriet directly, you may contact her here.