The Tyrant

It’s my way or the highway. Your feelings don’t count. Your way will never work. Your idea is stupid. There’s one way to deal with it–whatever “it” happens to be. My way. Sound familiar? What are your choices? You can buy into the tyrant’s beliefs. Play small. Remain scared. Or you can stand up to him or her. Sounds easy. So why is it sometimes so hard?

Fear. Fear you’ll anger the tyrant. Fear you’re not sure. Fear you might be wrong. When you operate out of fear, you lose confidence. You second guess yourself. You hesitate. You put off. You choose by not choosing .You give the tyrant the power to choose for you.

How can you stand up for yourself? The key is in the answers to the following: What might happen if you stand up for yourself. What would you need to do to deal with it? What’s the worst thing that could happen if you’re wrong? What concrete steps would you need to take to fix it? Most things in life can be fixed. The answer is in your willingness to learn. To learn mistakes are inevitable when you’re new at something. To fix them. To move forward. To practice. Confidence comes from mastery. Confidence provides the courage to stand up to the tyrant.

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