Hopelessly Alone

Harriet KatzI’ve been thinking about some of the recent and not so recent murders and suicides involving teens and young adults in the US. The Illinois campus. The Virginia campus. The shooting/suicides that took place in the wealthy Colorado suburban high school not too many years ago. Schools are clearly not the only settings where these tragedies happen. But they are the very places that have been created to provide hope. To offer life opportunities through learning.

I don’t doubt there must have been a variety of factors that triggered these murders and suicides. Nonetheless, I am convinced these kids share a sense of being hopelessly alone. Desperately misunderstood. Without a future.

One place to pierce through the hopeless isolation is listening. Not just hearing. Not assuming. Not judging. But listening to gain an understanding of him or her. Not necessarily agreeing. Not fixing anything. Simply understanding. Understanding opens the path to feeling cared about. That makes it possible to move forward onto a more positive path. What has your experience been? Have you ever experienced the marvelous experience of someone listening to and understanding you?


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