Losing It

Harriet KatzDown in the gym this morning I overheard Lola pleading with Shawn, her personal trainer. I’m losing it. Can’t do it. This is too hard. I could easily relate to her pleading. I work with Shawn on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This was her day to struggle. As I listened to Lola, my mind drifted to conversations I’ve had with clients, friends, and family. I was reminded once again that life lessons can be found in many arenas.

I recalled hearing, I was doing pretty well for me and then I lost it with my partner, child, tech support, or co-worker. I can’t deal with him/her anymore. I get so frustrated. Or I was really good. Very disciplined. Lost 10 pounds. Then I fell of the wagon. Back to my old ways. Undisciplined. It just doesn’t work.

Breaking the diet. Losing your temper. Or losing strength. These are all human. The mistake is to expect perfection. Growth is not linear. Change does not happen all at once. You make some headway. Then you slip back into your old ways. Instead of getting mad at yourself, accept that’s part of being human. You are not perfect. When you lose it, give yourself space. Take a deep breadth. Then get back on track. Then approach it like Shawn and think strong.

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