Little Miracles

Harriet KatzMarch 5th, 2008 will forever be a special day to me. Amid all the chaos and craziness in the world, our Antonia Josephine was born. Our first grandchild. Her presence reminds me of the absolute miracle of life. It makes me reflect on the gift of a new life being filled with love, joy, and peace. It also brings me back to the reality that, for many, it is the beginning of a long journey of pain.

The experts say if you were unlucky enough to have been abused or seriously troubled, there’s little chance of raising a well adjusted child. Someone who could be comfortable among the content and joyful crowd.

I’m here to tell you that you can. To get off the anger track, you need to know your hot buttons. Tend to old hurts. Manage your hot and sticky spots. Instead of dumping your anger on others, manage it. Focus on getting positive results, not short term relief. Consider getting help if needed. It’s wonderful to be able to live joyfully. And it’s incredible to pass it along to another one of life’s little miracles. Think it’s possible?

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