Micro Managers

Harriet KatzI got an earful from John the other day. His boss won’t let him breathe. Since the new guy took over his department, John’s interest and enthusiasm has dropped. He says this guy is always looking over his shoulder. Criticizing his approach. Openly or not so openly letting him know his way is the only way.

There’s a lot of talk in organizations about performance. Raising performance. The big question is how can anyone perform who can barely breath? Does that mean John or anyone in that situation needs to leave in order to move their career along? Depends.

You owe it to yourself to get him or her off your back. How? Have the “difficult conversation.” Tell your boss how you feel when someone he directs you at such close range. Ask for the space. Get clarification. Find out what in particularly he is concerned about. Wants. Then negotiate an opportunity to prove yourself. Set up bench marks to review progress and get comments. Go the extra mile. If that doesn’t work, you have a choice: suffocate or begin looking around. Thoughts?

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