Your Dime

Harriet KatzI heard from a listener that this week’s podcast on Mother/Daughter Relationships was not helpful. My (seemingly “idyllic”) experience with my daughter Gabi doesn’t resemble normal mother/daughter relationships. I disagree. For the record, I didn’t have a role model that I wished to follow. Neither did my education nor specialized training offer answers that made much sense to me. Experts tend to have definite opinions on how to handle just about everything.

Pat answers have never spoken to me. Why would I paste someone else’s solution on my situation? No one could possibly have first hand knowledge without being here? What worked so well with my daughter Gabi was always to start with a question. Not an answer.

Once I understood what she was feeling and needing, I went into problem solving mode. I believe every child is capable of letting you know what he/she feels and needs– if you are willing to listen. That is, unless your child has been told in one way or another that his/her thoughts and feelings are not valid. If you get and respect what you hear from the little voices in your family, you will find a solution.

If you’re on board, we have an opportunity. I would love to problem solve with you. Shoot me an email with something you are struggling with your child. Together, we can find a solution.


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