#51 Mommy, why do I have three dads?

Welcome to my very first premium episode of Ask Dr. Harriet. Today, we meet a woman who not only is one of the foremost experts on divorce and the growing phenomenon of the multiple step family, she and her husband also are part of a large blended family. Ann Ordway is a divorce lawyer in New Jersey specializing in couples mediation, communication and family counseling. The sometimes devastating ways in which divorce and re-marriage impact children is why Ann and husband Steve started Little Voices. In this episode we discuss how you know when divorce is the only alternative, and steps you can take now to prevent your relationship from reaching that point. We also delve into how divorce has evolved in society, and what that means for children growing up. Music heard on this show includes Wouldn’t It Be Nice, by the Beach Boys and It’s Your Lucky Day Now, by AJ and the Frozen Tundra Blues Band.

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One Response to “#51 Mommy, why do I have three dads?”

  1. Majeeur Says:

    Your husband sdnous like mine. Is he refusing to give you one dime? threatening to file bankruptcy to guarantee that you won’t get any money? Telling you what an awful mother you are, so you won’t get child support? Well, he is a liar and probably a verbal abuser to you. He is still trying to control you, even though you are no longer together. My husband did the same thing.Mediation was a nightmare. I guess he figured the louder he yelled the more money he would save. The mediator had to threaten to call the police if he didn’t calm down. The mediator finally separated us and called the mediation off. My attorney informed the mediator that my husband was only trying to control me. The mediator told me that if my husband acts like this is court, I will come away with a lot more than my half.Child support is nothing. I get $100 a month for 3 children. Yea, $33 per month lasts about 1 day.By best advice ..get a good attorney.References :

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