Quarter-Life Crisis

In other words, what are you going to do over the next four to five decades to earn a living that is meaningful? I heard this question echo from twenty talented, motivated, and ambitious Gen Y’s this past week. It’s the never ending nagging question that shows up when considering a possible college major. Graduate school program. Or career path. It’s the question that ignites panic. Fear. And depression. Why does it trigger such scary feelings?

Because your answer may differ from your parents’ idea of what you should be doing. From your friends. Or from other important influencers who think you should be choosing something practical. Something that pays well. Provides status. You have friends following the straight and narrow. They know what they’re doing. Their certainty makes you feel inadequate. Ashamed of lacking the certainty they have. What makes it harder is you feel there is no room for a  mistake. Opportunity knocks once. Make a mistake now and you will be too old.  Too old for that graduate school. Too old to get on the right career track. 

Hold on!

  • It’s not now or never! Now is the time to figure it out. . . before jumping in on someone else’s agenda. 
  • Figure out what you are good at, enjoy, and find meaningful. 
  • Research potential choices. Get on the Internet. Go to the library. Talk to people doing what you think you want to do. 
  • It is possible to earn a good living by doing what you are good at, enjoy, and find meaningful. 
What are you doing to figure out your career? Who are you talking to? What have you done that makes you think your on the right path? What do you do when that in-between space becomes really uncomfortable?  


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