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You’re Fired!

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Harriet KatzLately I’ve been getting calls from a lot of people who are out of work. None by choice. Some recognized signs the end might be coming. Others did not. Either way, most are hurt, angry, and feel betrayed. Picking up and moving on is down right hard.

The two biggest stumblers of moving on are: getting over what just happened and finding the confidence to run a smart job campaign. Getting over the trauma takes time. Time to digest. Time to recoup. Not time to escape. But a great time to rethink what you want to target. To connect and re-connect with people who can help you. And a time to further develop your presentation skills. Confidence comes from doing what you need to be doing and getting better and better as you do it. It’s not magic. These are real skills. All of them are learnable.

Everyone on this journey at some point feels down. What do you do when you feel hopeless? When your confidence slips? When you resent what life dished up? Do you have people who lift your spirits when they are down?

#42 – Under Pressure

Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

under-pressure_50.jpgColleges have always been pressure cookers. The crucibles in which young adults can be fired to greatness are also heating some students to dangerous levels. Suicide and attempts are rising, as is campus violence. What’s going on? Helping us to understand the myriad pressures that today’s kids are under is Dr. Lynda Doyle, a therapist in-touch with the college generation. We also look at the controversial book, "Doing School" by Denise Clark Pope. Music heard on the show includes "Under Pressure" by David Bowie.

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#41 – Cello Lesson

Sunday, February 24th, 2008

cello_piano.jpg As metaphors go, this is one of the best for teaching us how to succeed at virtually anything. Sometimes we are all that prevents true happiness in our relationships and careers. Here’s how to connect to your soul. Take this cello lesson, tap into your inner-self, and discover all you are, all you were meant to be. My thanks to fellow podcaster, Heidi Miller from “Diary of a Shameless Self-Promoter” for relating this story, and to author John David Mann for playing the notes. Music heard in this episode includes “Suite for Solo Cello No. 1 in G Major” by yo-yo Ma.

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Losing It

Friday, February 1st, 2008

Harriet KatzDown in the gym this morning I overheard Lola pleading with Shawn, her personal trainer. I’m losing it. Can’t do it. This is too hard. I could easily relate to her pleading. I work with Shawn on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This was her day to struggle. As I listened to Lola, my mind drifted to conversations I’ve had with clients, friends, and family. I was reminded once again that life lessons can be found in many arenas.

Story Talk

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

It’s the week-end, a time when most working people are officially “off duty.” I’ve been wondering on this beautiful day if you’re actually “off duty.” While you may not be officially “on duty,” I’ll bet you are “on duty” with stories of past and possible future failures or thoughts of having been victimized. Possibly every once in a while you may think about a happy moment or gratifying achievement.

While you’re “on duty” file this: your stories profoundly effect how you see yourself as well as how others see you. If you’re running harmful themes nonstop through your head, you’re setting up self limitations, and unnecessarily complicating your life. Negative stories disengage, block personal growth, and turn you into a victim. Positive stories mobilize you to dig deeper and make tough values-based choices that lead to expanded growth. The right stories deepen your engagement in life, keep hope alive and, despite risks, inspire you to take courageous action.

These stories of yours persist out of habit. As long as negative themes continue, there is little chance for positive change. To change your outcomes:

  • Consciously reconstruct your main story to be optimistic
  • Link it to your core values and goals.
  • Deliberately repeat it until it becomes your new habit. (This can take 3 months.) An affirmative personal story is necessary for successful personal change. The right story engenders courage and deepens determination.

Now, I’m “off duty.”

Have a great day!