So what happened? The person who used to bring you most joy turned into your greatest frustration? Your family is colliding? Or is it that finding that special someone is feeling more and more unlikely as time moves on?

Harriet can help you to negotiate your way into and out of relationships and to strengthen the ones you have.

  • Finding Romance and Intimacy: What stands between you and a satisfying intimate relationship? Might you still be stuck in a past one? Are you genuinely available for adult closeness? Is it possible you are avoiding because you are scared? Or might it be you have not figured out how to juggle one with all the other demands in your life?
  • Negotiating with Your Partner: You no doubt have changed. And the person you picked is not necessarily the person you are facing now. Pressures and priorities change—the demands of work, running a household, and children take over. How to make it all work? Will you ever find time for yourself again?
  • Discovering Your Way Alone Again: Until death do we part did not happen. Or it did. You are on your own again and out of practice. This time around dating is daunting. Not like being 20 something again. Where do you go? How can you be yourself? Will it ever be fun?

Your life is too important to be caught in a rut without a roadmap to the future, or in patterns that are not working. Take the step. Take charge!

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