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Monday, October 8th, 2007

Early this morning Sue called complaining about Julie, her best friend since college. Julie apparently was bonding with her new boyrfriend, Steve. Part of the way she connected was to call Sue a loser. Sue was 35 and would never get it right with a man.

Thre was no denying it. It was in black and white on the email. The one Julie was asking Steve to go with her and Sue to meet the new guy. For some unknown reason Julie Cc’d Sue. Then she pressed send. Maybe a bit trigger happy. . . maybe intentional. May never know.

The friendship between the two women came to a screeching halt. With some embarrassment, Sue admitted she and Julie had talked about people behind their backs. She just never thought that Julie would do it to her.

It’s painful to be betrayed by someone you’ve trusted. Backstabbing is more common than I’d like to believe. It’s part of office politics. Some families do it. Some friends have done it.

One thing I know for sure. Stabbing a friend/co-worker/relative in the back breaks trust. Doesn’t have to be a close friend to permanently pollute the waters. Once trust is broken, the environment is poisoned.

Before jumping on the bonding bandwagon by ganging up against someone who is not there, think about the bigger picture. Trust is the rock bottom foundation of a relationship.

Remember, no one is protected in this game. You could be the next target. The best any of us can do is to stay clean.