"I tried two coaches and a therapist. Harriet is better. WAY better."

–I.K., Client

"I wasted a lot of time trying to compete with someone who has a very different style. His success was a thorn in my side. Harriet got me to see that I have my own style, and only by being who I am can I flourish in my own right. By shedding that old skin, I have finally blossomed and am having greater success and loving it."

–I.G., client

"You have an incredible way of encapsulating situations and options that make it easy to see and understand choices. You did it on the radio program Tune In To Relationships."

–K. M., radio producer

"You are amazing. You empowered I. to new heights of clarity and achievement. There is NO QUESTION that he could not have done it without you. You are priceless."

–H.S., partner of client

"My life and my work used to be plagued with tremendous anxiety. I didn’t know how to balance them. Harriet zeroed in immediately on the central problem, and helped me to lift the dark cloud that was holding me back. Now I can manage my life and get things I want because I have a new outlook and the tools to make it happen."

–E.S., client

"I let my work take over my life. Everything I did revolved around work. With Harriet, I learned to get out of my comfort zone, getting involved in non-work activities, trying different venues, and developing interests that never seemed possible before. Now I have the well-rounded life I deserve."

–T. C., client

"It didn’t used to matter that I had a dead-end job, because I thought I had the right guy. When the guy tanked, and the job was no consolation, I turned to Harriet for help. She put an entirely new slant on the situation. Today I have a job I love, and I’m open to meeting the right guy when it happens. Until then, I’m happy in what I’m doing."

–S.C, client

If you would like to speak with Dr. Harriet, you may contact her here.